a temporary platform for independent voices


VOTE2017 is a temporary platform for independent voices. Within our VOTE2017 campaign we will kindly remind our audience of the non-voting scenarios that played out in 2016. Next, we will present an alternative: the possibilities that 2017 can offer if action is taken. In the run up to the general election we will create reactive, engaging, and cutting-edge content that will call out to young people to go vote.

In 2017, Get Me and Glamcult Studio decided to reunite our forces and produce a strategy to convince young Dutch citizens to vote by establishing a credible and effective content based program. Glamcult Studio is the creative agency behind Glamcult Independent Style Paper. Get Me is a new platform for the activist of today which consists of a biannual journal and agency on creative strategies. Both Get Me and Glamcult Studio represent a new generation of critical and creative thinkers and makers. On the 15th of March 2017 we faced a crucial moment: the General Election. Fear and confusion increasingly dominate our society as populism gains territory. It was time for a backlash.