A conversation about identity, stereotyping and coexistence


HIPSTER/MUSLIM is a contemporary series of portraits, critical yet playful, that starts the conversation about identity, stereotyping and coexistence. With the identical beard as starting point, it brings these seemingly contrasting hipster and muslims together. Frequently, one tends to mainly speak about these groups instead of actually with them. From 2014 to this year we managed to set up the project in Amsterdam-West/Amsterdam (2015), Borgerhout/Antwerp (2016), Molenbeek/Brussels (2017) and RotterdamWest/Rotterdam (2018). Although it all started with a photo-series it’s now grown into a society-critical social experiment. In our present day, it is of major importance for new urban citizens to become aware of their own cultural contribution to society, to appropriate dialogue, and to build a new shared future from there.

Set against the backdrop of emerging political populism, growing xenophobia and increasing polarization, the HIPSTER/MUSLIM project seems more relevant than ever. Increasingly, people talk about how ’ their nation should be given back to them’ and that ‘we should return to our own norms and values’. But in cities with a majority of minorities, the question is: what exactly are these norms and values and to whom do they belong? It is about time that we step out of our isolated bubbles and listen to what the new generation has to say.