Get Me Exposed: exploring (in)equality - part one


(Get Me) EXPOSED is a four-part series of exhibitions exploring the theme of (in)equality. There seems to be a growing interest in determining our identity and its place in our society. Sexuality, ethnic background and economic status are increasingly magnified and scrutinized, both by ourselves and those around us.

(Get Me) EXPOSED – highlighting a new generation of artists that investigate inequality. From female empowerment to poverty/prosperity, every edition we will explore another issue around (in)equality, every time with another guest curator.

The first edition will shine their light on LGBTQ & Gender, which has been an quite fashionable issue these days. Get Me invites Bo Hanna (freelance journalist: i-D, VICE, de Volkskrant) who writes about identity and global issues in intersectional way and presents us the talented photojournalist Bradley Secker (Istanbul).

The Western world has to deal with increasing complex matters as LGBTQ refugees, and therefore it’s very important to understand gender and sexuality issues in different cultural contexts. For this session we invited Bradley Secker a photojournalist that lived the past six years in the Middle-East and worked on an ongoing series of portraits documenting individuals claiming asylum, based on their sexuality or gender identity in Turkey and Syria.