Get Me – a place for today’s activist
A place where ethics meets aesthetics.
Where visuals meet substance.
Where critics meet makers and game changers
meet game rulers.
That is Get Me – Do you Get Me?

A new generation of change advocates,
Grown up in a visually dominated world.

They look for substance in distinctive aesthetics
and don’t recognise themselves in current policies.
This generation is determined to challenge the
status quo and Get Me explores the radical

Through visual essays, honest portrayals and
debates, we seek to bring understanding,
relativism, and surer footing.

Get Me is made up of two elements:
our movement, and our agency – which specialises
in creative strategy, campaigns and content.

Where the movement, both represented in on- and
offine space, creates a platform for new activist
voices and brings like-minded young change
makers together, the agency is a guide for
institutes, brands and decision makers in this
current world that is crying out for a
new perspective.
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Get Me is a product of our time, of our generation,
do you Get Me?